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Moldex3D Plastics E-Learning (MPE)

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Injection molding is a profound topic that can take years to master. That is why we launched Moldex3D Plastics E-learning (MPE) for newcomers like you. MPE is a digital learning platform that helps you being stronger in the injection molding industry. You can learn all necessary knowledge  from our Moldex3D experts about what they do and don’t in real cases. The shortest path for you to become a professional!

Who needs MPE:

  • Graduates who want to prepare for actual working environment and skills in advance
  • Practitioners who want to change their career and acquire further professional knowledge and skills
  • Management looking for learning materials for newcomers


A thorough introduction of molds
See every detail in a glance
  Comprehensive analysis of the injection machine
Know your way around injection machine operations and settings
Detailed introduction of hot runner
Explore the benefits and of using hot runner
  Understand every step in injection molding 
Build solid knowledge and product development process

MPE Course Introduction

Subject Learning Goals Contents
eClass1 Development of Molding Injection It delivers the basics of injection molding and the process of development in 7 chapters. To learn how to design products and how to improve the quality for the mass production. 1. Introduction to the process of product development.
2. The basics of molding materials.
3. Mold development and design
4. The application to the molding machine.
5. Product molding and common problem solving.
eClass2 The Operations of Molding Machines

To understand the settings and structure of the molding machine by operating the interactive virtual molding machine.

1. Basic knowledge of Injection
2. Introduction to the process of tooling.
3. The setting of primary parameters.
4. To operate the virtual injection molding machine. 
eClass3 Hot Runner

It illustrates the basic theory, benefits and advantages of hot runner by case studies.

1. Introduction to the theory of hot runner molding.
2. Introduction to the structure of hot runner and case studies.
eClass4 The Structure of Molds and Case Study Case studies for product design, mold design, parameter adjustment, and the valuation and planning of materials. 1. To learn the concept of the process from design to production by case studies.
2. To verify the theory analysis by the application.
eClass5 Molding Machine Operation 

Through 3D machine and mold trial workflow, users can get real feedback like on-site operation, and quickly accumulate practical experience.

1. The structure of injection molding machine
2. Injection molding machine operation
3. Control panel operation
4. Experience mold tryout workflow
eClass6 Quiz Through the examination of the examination questions, to verify the learner’s understanding of the relevant knowledge of the injection machine. 1. Injection molding development process
2. Hot runner system theory and application
3. Molding machine operation


English, Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese


Course Features

English, Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese

  • 4K high-definition instructional video
  • Easy-to-use operation interface, providing the best viewing mode for computers, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Support multiple windows, cross-learning is more effective
  • Interpretive courses, suitable for dynamic audio-visual learners



  • Design for company’s internal server system network connection.
  • Applicable to the company’s external network control mechanism and local installation.


  • Web-based system. No installation and hardware maintenance. High-speed implement. Updating latest course without waiting.
  • Individual subscriptions. Perfect for cross-device learning and practice high-level self-study planning.


System Requirements

MPE Server Requirements

Platform:Windows – Windows 10, 8, 7, Server 2012, 2008, HPC Server 2008
Hardware:Minimum – Intel® Core i5 processor, 4 GB RAM, and at least 5 GB free space

MPEs System Requirements

Supported Version:Mozilla Firefox 67,  Google Chrome 75, Apple Safari 12, MS Edge 18

Certain older graphics cards may not support WebGL 1.0. For more information, please see:




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