Moldex3D Solution Partner Program (MSPP)

Moldex3D Solution Partner Program is to bring together industry-leading technology solution partners to offer a broad array of systems, software, hardware, and other important services uniquely adapted to meet the needs of the plastics molding related industries.

The levels of partnership we offer are as follows:

Independent software vendors who work closely with Moldex3D to deliver integrated/extended software solutions.
HPC partners who provide high-performance-oriented computing solutions to help customers get the most performance from their HPC solutions for running Moldex3D analyses.
Material suppliers and material characterization service providers who are committed and devote to providing high-quality material properties for the needs of Moldex3D analyses.
Injection molding machine vendors who work closely with Moldex3D to develop hardware-software integrated solutions.
Equipment and peripheral technology providers who work closely with Moldex3D to create rich solutions for customers’ needs in their industry processes.
Partners who work with Moldex3D to offer customers high quality consulting and training services.


Except for co-developing possibilities for integrated solutions, our program also provides resources to support our solution partners to develop a broad portfolio of complementary solutions for their customers.

Key program benefits include:

  • Company listing on Partner Directory on Moldex3D website
  • Web-based marketing support, such as webinars and e-newsletters
  • Invitation to participate in Moldex3D customer events
  • Use of Moldex3D partnership labels
  • Special offer for Moldex3D licenses for development, test, and sales support

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